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440-007-711: Organic wool,The Colored wool series do not use any dye. Therefore their colors and textures are kept original, less damaged and environmentally friendly. 100% extra fine Merino wool 30g/pack

440-007-712: Shetland,England wool. Typical wool of UK's sheep. 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-713: White swaledale,England wool. Mix of black and white with thick crude texture 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-714: Light grey welsh,England wool. Unique accent of light grey color with coarse texture 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-715: Blue faced leicester,England wool. This wool is developed from sheep that can withstand the harsh environment of Northern Britain. Long haired and soft luster character. 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-717: Fine manx,Wool is developed from primitive sheep that grow in the Isle of Man.Lightly coarse texture 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-718: Scandinavian wool. Black color and rich of natural features.Rich in elasticity and gives off a sense of bulgy finish 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-719: Scoured wool merino,Australian wool. Natural curl of the wool is characterized by the sheep itself 100% wool 30g/pack

440-007-720: Scoured wool black merino,Australian wool. Mix of black, white, and brown colors with natural curl character. 100% wool 30g/pack

Colored wool

SKU: 440-007