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About Us

Needle felting


It all begins with hobby which then grows into passion.

I have always been in love with miniature, cute and crafty stuff since I was little. Got my hands all dirty playing with clay, tried to knit a scarf, fold lots of origami, did some cross stitching, sew and stitch felt (flanel) dolls. But, none of those hooked me up and I barely redo them.


In 2013, I watched a video tutorial on Youtube about needle felting/felt wool craft and BAM! I was overwhelmed by how easy it is to make such super adorable dolls. Without stitching, you can actually create cute, seamless, and real looking dolls, all you have to do is poking a bunch of colorful wool! Seriously?! I was totally sold! However, at that time getting the right materials and tools was a huge and challenging task.

From then on, the journey begins. It was purely a curiosity to try this new craft but after making my first needle felted doll, I was in love with it. Even though my dolls were not perfect, but needle felting never fails to amaze me. Every projects is unique and I always discover new techniques and ways to create the dolls. To me, it is an endless-craft-to-discover experience.

And here it is, The Handcrafter is born from my passion for needle felting and it is no longer me, but us, as a team, we are ready to share our passion and experience in this addictive, unique, and fun craft to our handcrafters in Indonesia! 


The Handcrafter is a pioneer of felt wool craft supplies store based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are also Hamanaka representative in Indonesia. Other than needle felting/felt wool craft, you can find other interesting crafts such as knitting crochet, amigurumi, UV resin craft, diamond painting, and many more in our store and website. They are all have become our addiction.

So, do not hesitate to explore our website or contact us for any queries, or follow us on Instagram : @thehandcrafter for exciting updates! 

Besides, we welcome you all to share your finished crafts by posting them on Instagram using #thehandcraftershowcase to share them with other crafters! 


Bring your family and friends to have some crafting time together! See you all my handcrafters!


Happy crafting,

- The Handcrafter -



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